Getting across the several streams against the flow and for the dreams,
riding with the wings of imaginations against the strong wind raging with fire,
climbing onto the ladder of goals, entwined around a danger zone,
Going on with the  persisting will,sincerely awaiting to be fulfilled,
Creeper of ambitions dangling beside,confusing the intellect and the minds,
which one to hold ,which is stronger, where is the one which will bring me hope?
Clouds and mist obscuring the vision,creating hallucinations of desires,
Is this the place I wished for ,the destination of my earthly acquires!
Comforting music echoing audible in the waves,
Still I am on the journey to the ideal place!
Focused eyes,detemination in heart,
faith in the spirit with devotion for the Lord!
Supersedes the hurdles and clings to fall apart,
Attaining me to reach the height , whose depth has been chosen by the God…

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