Etched in the transparent minds of innocence,

the distinct reminiscences of the childhood spent,

images created by the surrounding atmospheres,

become an art of living for their ages!




The enamored drawing of  characters ,

the poignant pictures painted on clear textures,

engrave a painting of life with natural behaviour,

enciphering the codes when essential in later years…






An embossion of  sincere impressions,

imprinting with selfless emotions,

engraining a soul with humility ,

with enormous respect to humanity…

shall forge an art of greatest perfection…

22 thoughts on “AN EMBOSS ON SOFT MINDS

  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU an infinite number of times for this post along with the pictures of my PRINCESS!!! She’s so very cute….wow!
    What an innocence!
    A heartful of LOVE lays here for my PRINCESS!:-)
    And she will be PERFECT, I am sure!

  2. Is she your daughter? She is a sweetheart! Soooo cute masha’Allah!
    She looks like you.
    The poetry is very special….innocence of childhood can’t be compared and the impression on young, soft hearts at that age continues into adulthood.

    1. Thanks dear! Yes she is my little one,the younger of my children….Thanks again for liking th elines,I actually wrote the post to express the effects of the surroundings and atmosphere on the innocent minds of the children

  3. what a cute, lovely, elegant, … everything …
    you didnt change, Soumyav .. cute innocent and full of kindness.. luv the idea and the poem also … soooo inspiring, … innovative. thank u for sharing this.

      1. well, Soumyav, i did not know she is ur daughter.. i thought this a photo of u in childhood .. she looks exactely like u .. Bless her … thank u for sharing this … i m sure she will be as nice and kind as her mother

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