Emanating glorious radiance in the aura,
A fragment of divine light,
embodied in mortal …
Channelizing  and steering
the forces of life,
reinstated the faith of Pandora!
What seemed an illusion,
magical and deceptive,
turned to be  divinely majestic!
Incarnated for earthly concern,
suffering like normal being,
An epitome of apotheosis!
Banished from thy revered kingdom,
Remain detached from his soul’s reflection,
overpowering negativity,
Taking forth every living being,
together with humaneness
in his war for  serenity of humanity…
Chiselled features,semblance of the Gracious,
Had many to lure by,
Still adhered to the soul of wisdom,
a statuette of calmness ,
even in worsen situations,
became a Paragon even being born as a human…
Loftiest in gratitude and kindness,
remained humble with graciousness,
Instituting the path of life,
To be a human  of perfection…

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