Radiantly magical is the flower,
charming and shining with its power,
even under the searing and scorching rays,
smiling endlessly with the  divine shower…
Simple and impeccant image,
absorbing pessimism in its sway,
reflecting a  new ray of positivity,
In the vision of everyone’s  way…
Virtuous soul within  brilliant petals,
diffusing sweetness in the zephyr,
permeating love and warmth,
In minute atoms of the surrounding atmosphere…
Such a noble modest is the being,
even if born as a lotus in the stagnant stream,
lives it life with utmost humility ,
with a  innocuous and enduring gleam…

14 thoughts on “LOTUS

  1. I’ve adored Lotus’s innocence ever since my eyes fell on its charm yet had never painted its beauty as such…..this is brilliant
    Peace & Light

  2. It is love and love alone that I know, and I base my living on the great Vedantic Truth of the Sameness and Omnipresence of the Soul of the Universe, Dearest Soumya!!!

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