what a lovely set of words,

To set minds ignite…



I know they are just phrases,

never to be meant,

just spoken as thoughts,

in your mere absence…



How lovingly they rhyme,

as if  meant to be together,

like their deeper values,

which cling to each other …




possesive and real,

resemble a heart,

ready to nurture…



full of assurance and faith,

absorbing negative notions,

 A  thought so great!


Radiantly magical is the flower,
charming and shining with its power,
even under the searing and scorching rays,
smiling endlessly with the  divine shower…
Simple and impeccant image,
absorbing pessimism in its sway,
reflecting a  new ray of positivity,
In the vision of everyone’s  way…
Virtuous soul within  brilliant petals,
diffusing sweetness in the zephyr,
permeating love and warmth,
In minute atoms of the surrounding atmosphere…
Such a noble modest is the being,
even if born as a lotus in the stagnant stream,
lives it life with utmost humility ,
with a  innocuous and enduring gleam…


Breeze of fragrance in the air,
pervading the tranquil atmosphere,
through the nights of dark and bright,
whistling in my ears so near….
Soothing and exotic feel,
senses rise and fall within,
like the tides of sea aside,
on a full moon or darker night…
Like a crescent its enchanting,
like the euphony its enthralling,
whenever a flower blooms around,
Its such a beauty captivating…
Seasons changed with revolutions,
the earth still rotates without inhibitions,
Thriving and simultaneous responsible natures,
It carries forth with great effort…
When do I see your such sight?
Dual existence still upright,
like last night when came beside,
exhilaration near my nape behind,
beamed me off to moon alight!!!




“I wonder what you have to share,

few moments of happiness or,

times of glare…?


sunshine days  or cloudy mornings,

what is that ,

which makes you so emoting?


Memories cherished or past blemished,

dreams aspired or unfulfilled desires,

what is it that makes you glow,

even in the setting sun’s show?


Times of joy or sorrows unlimited,

what did you go through,

when I wasn’t there?


Believe me dear ,

trust my soul,

For I want to hold your hand on the road,

when you walk on the path of life,

to wipe your tears and make you smile,

sometimes giving a shoulder to cry,

so that you feel lighter ….

with dropping eyes…


Iam a soul , new to you,

but destiny has brought me …

closer than the few…”





If these were the words ,

I would have heard,

might be ever ,

I could have uttered,

What makes me smile …

and cry in a while…

with such a deep emotional surprise?