Numbness in the gaze, focusing for your trace,
distances between through the oceanic range,
A thought forms a feeling till it reaches you,
travelling with the clouds that shower there as rain…
Mixed volatile sentiments bring a soft  smile ,
even a lancinating pain hidden behind for a while,
variety of  emotions get a vent,
As the arms open to embrace life’s condiments…
To breathe is never to live a life,
Life is a beautiful picture of thine,
every colour ,every stroke creating an aura,
black and white shade too had its era,
good,bad or evil are the immense sides,
love,hate and jealousy runs in every spine,
sincere true immaculate are the  thoughts that reign…
the kingdom of thine even in any pain…
Infinite space in between all the souls,
striving to come closer is my endeavour,
distances geographical never effects the mind,
The vacuumness amidst creates a deep ravine…
Standing far away from your self,
still feel  nearer to you,
as you breathe the fresh air,
As if Iam there just beside you…

12 thoughts on “TRUE THOUGHT

    1. Yes ! It is a kind of verse where we can feel the presence of our loved one,even if we are away! our consciousness sometimes gives us such a feel, if the bond is that strong.

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