Entity of divinity,

Radiating immense beauty,

Invigorating the creation ,

with her utmost purity…


A  sculpture of perfection ,

gracious in obligations,

ideal in devotion,

pristine in affection…


Incomplete is the Supreme being,

without this indistinguishable  identity,

whose spiritual energy

remains the source of  the universal cosmic entity….


Together they continue,

to prevail the life and living,

existing in every  heart and soul …

instituting and constituting ,

the divine spirituality…







25 thoughts on “THE DIVINE BOND

        1. Actually while publishing a previous post “THE MASTER”S GRACE” ,I was searching for some pictures and found this one of Radha and Krishna,and it instantly it the lines flowed…

  1. nishanil

    If you are to love, then love something of the divine, something: something that transcends things, something that transcends forms, something for which you will have to raise your eyes to the sky. Love Gourishankar; love the Himalayan peaks. If you love something like dung, you will move into dung because we always find the way. Wherever our love moves, we move behind it. The bee loves the lotus; it finds it. The very love is the path. Howsoever the lotus is hiding, the bee will find it Soumaya;an Incredible Indian!!!

    1. Not exactly ,but can be interpreted as ,when we consider God to be our only love.By the way paintings aren’t mine..I just downloaded them..but they indeed are very beautiful coz they inspired me to write these lines…

  2. nishanil

    You were born from the rays of God’s Majesty
    when the stars were in their perfect place.
    How long will you suffer from the blows
    of a nonexistent hand?
    So come, return to the root of the root
    of your own soul.

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