Hopping and running between the bushes,

getting lost in the dense woods,

searching and hiding from your glance,

tiptoeing near the silent brook…





Quietly you always followed,

before I could  think and dream,

catching hold of my arms,

beneath the lovely flowers  fall…





As if showering me the love,

gorgeous and silken everywhere,

lying on the bed of petals ,

colours sprinkled   in the air…




The lonely tree still awaits,

every season  to shower again,

missing the presence of the smile,

It gets wet in the monsoon rain…






 Island of  emotions,

Experiences agitation of heightened  feelings,

Sometimes with no reason,

Collapsing  high tides ,

 on the shores of  terra firma’s  leanings…






Cyclone of  winds,

storm in the air,

floods somewhere,

Still  the  island lies in  drought?

Irony of  life,

Surrounding everyone,

Seeking the unknown,

Reason whatsoever,

Moving  under distant skies ,

Assuming  true peace is in heaven….



Before  yielding the full knowledge,

Mind again  gets disoriented,

Searching and finding a lost piece of land,

Which is known  as heaven….


O! lost soul of confused heart!

this is where your seek gets lost,,

Your mind resides in this body,

Your heart is the heaven on earth…