The long hours of a lazy afternoon,

lying on the couch,

surfing through the views,

eyes look for a known name ….

hoping to be some where

near the window pane…


 A  cup of tea ,

with few crackers and crispies,

the  scorching rays leave no mercy

on the newly emerged  leaves…

The cute little kitten brushes

her fur on my feet,,

shaking me from the

imaginations fascinating….!!!


Flowers in the brass vase ,

dangling and swaying ,

gazing at my

afternoon siesta and day  dreaming…


Flock of colourful birds ,

having a celebration,

as if they are having a feast ,

breaking all inhibitions…


Gradually the sun sets in,

another day hence ends in,

the colourful images vanish ,

with the twilight ,

to relive again the next day,

 painting a  vibrant panorama…



Being happy is not a crime,

for being content ,

stops your restlessness in mind,

implying you are satisfied

by your strives …

being happy doesn’t mean ,

you have no worries,

neither does it shorten the

worldly flurry,

It is just a state of mind,where

you respect your body and soul

for being harmonised,

Where you accept that

life is not a piece of artefact…

Decorating decking it with

desires and pleasures,

will add to more agony  for sure,

So being wise you opt for happiness,

contentment with self,

smile on your face,

welcoming new challenges

with  humor and silent invisible  pain…