Silhouettes of  happiness on the curtain of the memories,

appearing ,vanishing like illustrated imagery,

exhibiting  the whole life as a movie,

on the screen of thoughts with poignancy!


Sometimes paused ,again replayed,

bringing a dash of smile on lips pressed,

an ache of joy and pain remixed,

going through the flashback, the  heart gets frantic!


Cherishing the preceding times in minutes of gloominess,

rejuvenates and energizes the lethargy,

reminding me in every facade of  life,

to create a memory so entwined,

interlaced with heart …

that  propagates joyousness and delight!!!


8 thoughts on “SILHOUETTE

  1. we talk about life and the journey and the knowing…but do we really get to know about the truth to the fullest ? I mean..perhaps we just be in awe of the silhouettes of life and the connected package and don’t come to know about the deepest facts…known only to the almighty !

    1. its the urge to know something,the craving of understanding,that makes us aware of the truth subsequently,slowly,even without our knowing…Journey through the time teaches us every necessary facts,we just have to be receptive to what we feel and perceive…

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