The long await…

the patient burn,

a feel in the heart ,

for a  jubilant return…



Seasons of life ,

rainy or summer,

touch the soul,

with their vibrant colours…



Places on earth,

valleys or hills,

sea alongside,

desert or cliffs…

Ray of  hope,

brightens the way,

in saddened times

on dreary days…




A stroke of colour ,

of enthusiasm,

zestful becomes the life,

splendid with stimulus,

in every organism…


21 thoughts on “THE RETURN !!!

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    This is lovely.
    I’m not an enormous fan of poetry, but the way you punctuated with the pictures, and then those words that spoke decibels – this is beautiful…

      1. Yeah, sure! Seems I’m getting enough notifications from a wise Indian lady. 😀 😛 Thanks a lot for spearing your valuable time on my lil world and I’m glad to hear that you are back. 🙂


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