Dearth of depth,lifeless emotions,

superficial expressions,

materialistic aspirations..


The priceless precious life,

wasted in spendthrift celebrations,

callibrated by the goals achieved,

soul less it remains till the last dream…


Intensity of the feelings remain jeopardised,

A simple human being forgets his worth while,

Love, Affection,Simple things,

which bring smile to his face and inner being….

are abandoned on the way,

while running after worldly things….


Happiness counted on pennies earned,

unmindful of the countless golden moments unearthed,

Gem of a person,forgotten by all,

the real character buried before the final call…


How long ? What for ? Shall thy run,

speeding away from the virgin nature,

What gains,what wealth,will it carry forth?

when its name shall also be wiped in the storm…


Stop for a minute ! Stop for a while,

to breathe the fresh air and relive the life,

Gaining the wellwishes,blessings along,

From everyone who’s around in our life long…



14 thoughts on “BE A GEM

  1. Pawan Hira

    Beautiful, and a fast-paced message you give here. For what we are heading to ?
    On a ride of life you took me, showing the shades of materialism. 🙂

  2. Like a beautiful lotus that awakens sharing its beauty and sweet aroma to the world…so your words embrace a lasting place in many hearts and spirits…a most beautiful welcomed place where they are never asked to leave, but to always stay where they always will feel the embrace of one’s love! Soumyav…what can be said that has not already been shared…thanks for the sweet breath of your heart…your words!

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