Throbbing  pulsating beats ,

Marching ahead ,

with  thumping feet…

Palpitating heart ,

Hammering pulses,

Thrashing forward,

in  synchronization…

Minds conjured,

common target ,

endless zeal,

zestful harmonization…

colourful aspirations,

limitless endeavour,

focused goal,

souls audacious…

salute to the fighters,

soldiers of life,

resigning their lives ,

to thy country’s well being…





Twirling dancing amongst the trees,

flowers loving her beautiful trapeze,

bees and butterflies,

birds and  clouds,

charmed by her sweetness profound..



She is the golden fairy of dreams,

appearing from nowhere amidst the greens,

decorating our lives and bedecking the scenes,

to make us smile and fill us  with sweet things…





Cascades of white streams falling thru the greenery,

Mountains and meadows embrace the serene surroundings,

Gushing waterfalls amidst the nature’s gems,

Mesmerizing the gaze of the onlooker’s glance…




Heavenly feeling ,captivating atmosphere,

Enchanting wind that flows thru my hair,

Charming contrast of the azure and the emerald countrified,

Thrills the heart with vibrant magical  air…



Droplets of translucent pearls showering,

Dripping over each leaf and every  heart,

Soaking and drenching  by saturating,

Priceless worthy gifts of nature ,

Enigmatic and inexplicable wonders…