Where hath thou vanished from the thoughts,

everything is the same even the dew drops,

Confined why art thou  seeing my side,

Are thou getting conscious or sublime?

whatever rationality thou possesses!

My soul will always believe for ages,

An enduring relief for the excruciating pain,

Is instilled in my heart with rays of faith…

Show the magnetic  presence ! my  thou  friend!

without whom! the world is dead! 

AMOR – Then & Now

Moistured  feelings, poignant emotions,

archaic antiques of human expressions…

materialistic thoughts, bizzared directions,

modernistic ways of  survival…

Humility ,kindness,

consideration of the past…

selfcentredness and ambition,

aspiration of the present flaws…

Natural innocence ruled the hearts,

previously just with a glance,

Gorgeous figures , wholesome wallets,

attract everyone’s fervor for a chance….

Immaculate , tender love …

pages of history,

Pragmatic , virtual  lust,


harnessess the Amor…



Iam just a little drunk now,

Not that I get drunk everyday!

Hours unrested, every second moving,

I could not wink for a moment today…

Memories shortlived amorous feelings,

remembering the old times of our dwelling,

shocks of undying love blasted,

intermittently ,I lay flabbergasted…

Unsure ,caducous times,

nothing in the life is everlasting,

A little of wine conjuring my senses,

evoking unbiased reflexes …

Immortal, ceaseless drink of ecstasy,

How will I get spared from thee!

It is the most blissful experience,

where nothing can ever go wrong!

Years and for ages,births to come,

submerged in it I shall sunk…

A drink of love , I had so pristine,

exalted I am in the blessings of divine…





Thanks a lot to nightlake of  for nominating me for this exclusive award! The blog posts soothing poems with wonderful pictures!Her continous presence on my blog makes me feel more encouraging..

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The 5 people whom I would like to nominate for this award are:

1. Prashant





Do you prefer rhyming or non-rhyming poetry?


What’s your favourite Shakespeare Play?

Julius Caesar

Who is your favourite author?

Paulo Coelho

Name three people who you greatly admire.

My Dad.

What’s your favourite album ever?

An album by sonu nigam

Which primary colour do you most dislike?

All the  dull colours.

Name a song or a poem that makes you feel emotional.

An Indian song… whose lyrics.. are  Shaam -e – gham-ki kasam 

Thanks once again to night lake and congratulations to all the blogger friends who have influenced and inspired me by their blog posts…

Wishing you all best of  everything,







Iam lost…

Mixed thoughts wandering ,

instigating various feelings,

stirring emotions within..

On the deserted path of living…

I choose…

Different paths of strive,

steering the directions of life,

One guiding through the course,

another a terrain of  hard contours…

I walk…

 Determination in thoughts,

diligence in actions,

persevere with tenacity,

attempting again after  failure… 

smiling to get through the faction…

I arose…

Inculcated faith,

with the help of strength,

instilling confidence,

with utmost reverence…


 Sparkling like the splendid stars,
 disposition of a twinkled heart,
shining with luminosity,
enhancing the beauty of a darkened environ…
Dispersing mesmerising fragrance,
propagating miles of happiness,
Like a florescence ,
a blossomed heart permeates…
 Melodious tunes inspiring the soul,
echoing songs of blitheness to the core,
A euphonic heart too transmits,
music harmonious to the surroundings…
  Whatever a heart transforms as!
It is the grace of divine bless,
Nurturing the bud of pristine love,
reflects the graciousness bestowed on us!



Melancholic ambience in the magnetic core,

magnetism questions the  sobriety unknown,

gravity of intensified sentiments,

solitarily and lonely standing alone!!!

effulgent and radiant heart,

core of lugbriousness now,

dubious and in dismay,

the beating  pulse asks why?

Compassion , love and  care,

jewels it possessed,

devoid remains itself …

Still glowing like refulgent!




Etched in the transparent minds of innocence,

the distinct reminiscences of the childhood spent,

images created by the surrounding atmospheres,

become an art of living for their ages!




The enamored drawing of  characters ,

the poignant pictures painted on clear textures,

engrave a painting of life with natural behaviour,

enciphering the codes when essential in later years…






An embossion of  sincere impressions,

imprinting with selfless emotions,

engraining a soul with humility ,

with enormous respect to humanity…

shall forge an art of greatest perfection…


Will you ever hold me as  when we had met,
dangling in your arms of love ,
with the same rhythm of adoration!
I miss the old times, the gentle swing of ardor,
where in the moments freeze within the time,
to be thoroughly melted!
The nearness of the intertwined souls,
the breath of air in between,
the magical tinge of the touch…
the splendour of the colourful world…
Will I ever have those instants ,
instant glow and instant moments,
rejuvenating the heart and sparkling the mind,
in your embrace within no time…
Will I again radiate like the glowing sun
 and spread the fragrance of jasmine in the zephyr…