Doting over one another,

Two lives get entwined together,

Adoring amorous souls of nature,

Become one in minutes of encounter.


Strangers  once in the life,

Start living as husband and wife,

With  preconceived  notions in mind,

On the journey exquisite  …


The world changes  abruptly for them,

Added responsibilities and numerous facades,

Umpteen roles to play in the pageant,

Perfectly as noble souls with devoted essence…


Epitome of  love,  sprinkling affection,

Mutual dedication to the fervor commitment,

Associated lives  treated with compassion,

Painfulness and roughness absorbing within,

Smile reflecting on the  faces even while agonizing…


Attached in this birth ,united with each other,

Coupled souls amalgamated for ever ,

Fused with  the sacred threads of love,

Blooming and blossoming together as flowers of heaven…














miraculous ways of living life,

smile on the face even if

heart is filled with whine…



pillar of strength,

to the surrounding ones,

drawing  the inspiration

from the gems of the world…



showing a virtual image ,

to the world,

the real one

craves in for a little love…



warmth and compassion

derived from the angels,

god is the only one,

who is remembered …



such is the  brave soul of the world,

who lives life miraculously,

and lead the rest ,

onto the path of love…..


Glory of a sincere man, dedicated and earnest ,

Gets mingled in the dust with the time and phases,

Once an honorable distinguished person,

Today lives anonymously in an  unknown place…


Wheels of destiny spin and rotate,

Swiveling around a pivotal point ,

Which is the centre of aptitude and bent,

The only fixation ummoving and stationary…


Magnificient royal days of celebrations,

Creditable praiseworthy definitions,

Some existed, many yet to transpire,

The grand revelation to the world is yet to happen…


Mighty shoulders drooping slowly,

Mighty determination standing firmly,

Brilliance in work to be disclosed,

Shining like a star in the cavern of darkened lore…



A day of ultimate achievement will dawn upon,

With the golden rays bestowing on ,

The glorious forehead of the dynamic soul,

To let the universe know

the enormous masterwork and oeuvre …







Ever thought how wonderful is the land of charm,
mystifying spell of love ….timeless and unbounded ,
filling the melancholic hearts with smile and endless warmth…
Beyond the reasoning of the mind,
illogical , irrational sometimes,
but pure ,delicate very precious…
is the gem of love ,hard to find…
On this island of sparkling stones,
searching for a real gemstone,
is hardtasking and confusing…
for the real diamond reflects ,
onto the heart destined and known…
Its a magical feeling of life,
infusing zeal and inspiring,
providing wings to fly high,
even in despair and distress,
making us smile,
from the innermost vein…in every transparent  phase…





Invitations from the earth were conveyed to the heaven,

To  grace the occasion of the auspicious ceremonious ritual,

A soul garlanding a noble one, with flowers of devotion beaded in one,

Music heavenly in the atmosphere, with blossoms of nature decking the sphere…



Adoring amorous souls together ,rare view for the heavenly beings of nature,

Showering petals of blessings, the angels and gods also stood  without moving,

Aura golden of the glittering sight dazzling everyone’s eyes ,

A rare unique extraordinary divine view of the glimpse pristine….





My salutation to the gods ,the celestial beings to be in form,

For I could be a part of this spectacular blissful angelic scene,

Holy chants of the hymns echoing reverberating like a dream,

Graciously I am overwhelmed to witness the spiritual reawakening…






Someone just started a journey on a new road,

away from the pleasures in the arms of real chores,

with courage in the words and the depth of feelings,

undertaking the real path enlightening the beings…


gruesome shocking dreadful facts of life,

macabre of shameful acts covered by political measures,

audacity in mind and a will to mark the valor,

stimulate the dead souls to begin a new world…


initiatated as an individual effort,

may everybody together join the deed with zest,

resulting in a zealous endeavour,

eradicating the immoral appalling from this world…




In awe you gaze at me,wondering what makes me so genuine,

or are you astonished to see the transparent thought within me,

forget the logic and the reasoning,for affection is evergreen,

residing in the core of mine ,in any situation in any stream…


be yourself and you will know,what Iam and what makes me go,

getting conscious will never help, to realise the depth of the self,

destiny unique brings souls together , unexplainable bonds thereafter,

life moves on continously,making us remind of the strange thing…


never get surprised nor shocked in life, as impossible is nothing in the depths of time,

accept the way life presents you,never surrendering but flowing  like new,

facing the changes and challenges , with a smile and love for every hand,

you never know who came across, a soul angelic or divine in form….!



Alone in the green forest , with nature around at its best,

Profound beauty all around ,your absence fills the melancholy sound,

Walking through the swaying trees,blushing flowers and birds in glee,

The picturesque scenic atmosphere looks dull and lifeless without your existence…




Dipping my fingers in the flowing stream,nearby where a peacock screams,

Fascinating sight panoramic view, just remain standstill  like statue,

Remembering your charisma in the vision,I try to capture the glimpse and prison,

You amidst the paradise and me being beside you in every season…




No words , no voice just silence speaks with the music playing by the  nature green,

Filling our hearts with unseen pleasure ,overwhelming in intense measure,

Nothing matters more in the world, inspite of being in heaven on earth,

Just your presence along the side, feeling the aura just beside…



Magical mystical web of love,
entangles you with all power,
saving you from girths of fear ,
securing your presence with valuable seer…
Woven around with intricacy,
knowing not the diplomacy,
clinging harder to the threads,
the soul seeks comfort and gets cozy…
Who has interlaced this beautiful charm,
entwined are the souls even if apart,
woven with delicate love and faith,
this web of exquisite devotion of the same…?


Anger never brushes me , for Iam the calm and serene queen,

absorbing the anguish and rage, I make  the atmosphere serene,

very few know me though, hardly a soul realises the glow,

inspite of  such cold response,I still remain the charming love…



Never can I hurt a heart which beats,never can I dream of being selfish,

Iam just a sweet smiling queen who spreads happiness in every lean,

butterflies,birds and angels sing  a song ,along with me in joyous spring,

illuminating hearts of  all who are close or strangers to me…


I am queen of love and warmth,innocent and pure as gentle thought,

unblemished my soul remains,giving space to every name,

whose lives get attached with me through any bond and any fame,

Till my last I try and try to fill the souls with smiles and fly…



Iam queen of the hearts,whose souls dwell in my strong heart,

Glowing their part by burning my self,I elucidate their spirit with my essence,

Hardly a being realises this ,lost in the materialistic beings,

I perform my task with all my might,leaving aside the outcome and plight…