The one who rode the chariots of destiny,

leading through the earthly mutiny,

donnes a colourful plume on his crown,

playing notes of divine harmonic sound…



Guiding and escorting the wheels of fear,

Racing ahead with the reins in his control and gear,

revealing the philosophy behind principles and beliefs,

enlightening the soul as an ubiquitious colossal seer…



Echoing the conch ,dispelling the negative inhibitions,

proclaiming a combat against the hostile false egos and forces,

infusing the apprehensive soul with courage and valor,

grooming it to deal with hostile adverse  resentment in behaviour…



The innocent soul experiences the unknown and unfamiliar,

Incredulity and skepticism takes time to wash away the conjecture,

with gratitude and stupefaction, faith and devotion brings him near,

To surrender and resign his immortal tender soul,

in the feet of the eternal infinite boundless lord of the universal sphere…



  1. I think, If you find peace in surrendering to a particular god, and if you connect with him, then it is your heart’s way to speak with him. People speak of subconscious mind, and they give that higher power many different names. It is our own way to find what our faith is. Swami Vivekananda was such a great example of this. You have to be yourself, with or without any adherence to a particular religion. Your heart knows.

    1. Thanks Pawan for the thoughts. Very true ,that we need to know where our heart lies, and the surrender to the one connects us in all ways.the faith keeps us going then.let it be any way of living life.named religion

  2. Did God himself ever asked for the world to be like it is? or the human beings to be as corrupt as they have become?

    when it is all God’s creation, then why this chaos?
    I know the answers are there….but only time and surrender of self to him would bring then clear

    1. everything exists and existed ..the one whom we surrender and ghave faith in leads us through all the dark ness guiding us with his light…

  3. With confidence and affection, I lie down in arms and leave the gentle soul to eternal infinite boundless Shakthi observed as the merging of powers stemming from male…This is delineation of genuine self surrender!!!

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