The one who rode the chariots of destiny,

leading through the earthly mutiny,

donnes a colourful plume on his crown,

playing notes of divine harmonic sound…



Guiding and escorting the wheels of fear,

Racing ahead with the reins in his control and gear,

revealing the philosophy behind principles and beliefs,

enlightening the soul as an ubiquitious colossal seer…



Echoing the conch ,dispelling the negative inhibitions,

proclaiming a combat against the hostile false egos and forces,

infusing the apprehensive soul with courage and valor,

grooming it to deal with hostile adverse  resentment in behaviour…



The innocent soul experiences the unknown and unfamiliar,

Incredulity and skepticism takes time to wash away the conjecture,

with gratitude and stupefaction, faith and devotion brings him near,

To surrender and resign his immortal tender soul,

in the feet of the eternal infinite boundless lord of the universal sphere…






lovely duo of attractive angels,

soaring high in the dreams of love,

leaving the land of mortals down,

rise above to the heaven of such…


embraced,entwined souls composed,

calm and in sync, when held close,

flying in the kingdom of fantasies,

with wings of pure immaculate thoughts…


white,spotless angels in love,

oblivious of the negative atmosphere,

live in their own world and sphere,

illuminating the place with atoms of adoration…