With changes like never before ,

My pen stops writing and abhors ,

The sense of vacuumness inside ,

The silent night on the seaside…


Waves rising falling again,

Still the sound gets absorbed someway,

In the hollow nights of pine,

Filling the soaked eyes more with rain…



Breeze touching and moving beside,

Just to remind the love tides,

Reminiscences of the times,

When your breath could be felt by mine…


The urge to submerge in those moments ,

when echoes of the heart said,

language and speech alike and same,

in the epoch of  eternal  ceaseless  love game…




18 thoughts on “LOVE GAME

    1. thanks a lot Naima! for liking and for getting reminded of a song..AS such I haven’t listened nor do I listen to her songs ..but its an honor for me..to be said so

  1. I was writing something that I would like to share, unfinished it was, like love….hahaha….

    “…..and when I remember that night of love, my face I do not see. It is you, your face that powers my heart to beat in quick numbers. So it is my nature to cry again. You have given me a new life, as I drive my heart to find a purpose. It is the ink of my mind that scatters phrases of my heart. I do not remember you much. It is when I feel overwhelmed about our relation, I move in your skin. Sometimes it happens.”

    You played my heart, Soumya. Beautifully scripted. 🙂

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