Often do we get hurt by piercing words,
some of which are hurled on by our closed ones,
a dagger or a sword can do nothing better,
what the few words of acrimony rips the soul shatter…
Does the being ever realise what the heart passes through,
dying , losing every moment after the shocking ensue,
harder and painful the time it faces,
after surrendering itself in the clutches of the debacle…
Strenously with audacity it gathers the courage,
to face again the world with same conscience,
self belief  and conviction give a helping hand,
the soul again  gets up fighting with valor and gallant…

8 thoughts on “THE SOUL FIGHTS BACK

  1. you can’t be hurt by someone before you let him get so close to you that he can…believe me, the soul knows when you are going to get hurt in advance….that’s why we have our hearts – to cushion the effect from reaching the soul !

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