Outpouring of a tender heart,

in  poignant form of expressions

using the most simplest words,

to touch millions in seconds…


speaks  in the silence ,

echoes in vacuum,

feelings put down,

become silvery in countdown…


significance in the denotation,

worthy connotation,

sense in its value ,

gist of every sequence…


abundance in the purpose,

deciphered  uniquely by all,

every soul derives from it ,

a complete different form…


7 thoughts on “A POEM

  1. I feel blessed!! It was a total co-incidence that I asked you and the answer is laid out here! I swear I had no Idea about this post of yours! Thanks a Mega-zillion times!! 🙂

    1. I know that! actually ur question gave the birth to this post as I went on writing about the definition on and on..so Thanks to u for asking..what a poem is?

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