miraculous ways of living life,

smile on the face even if

heart is filled with whine…



pillar of strength,

to the surrounding ones,

drawing  the inspiration

from the gems of the world…



showing a virtual image ,

to the world,

the real one

craves in for a little love…



warmth and compassion

derived from the angels,

god is the only one,

who is remembered …



such is the  brave soul of the world,

who lives life miraculously,

and lead the rest ,

onto the path of love…..


Glory of a sincere man, dedicated and earnest ,

Gets mingled in the dust with the time and phases,

Once an honorable distinguished person,

Today lives anonymously in an  unknown place…


Wheels of destiny spin and rotate,

Swiveling around a pivotal point ,

Which is the centre of aptitude and bent,

The only fixation ummoving and stationary…


Magnificient royal days of celebrations,

Creditable praiseworthy definitions,

Some existed, many yet to transpire,

The grand revelation to the world is yet to happen…


Mighty shoulders drooping slowly,

Mighty determination standing firmly,

Brilliance in work to be disclosed,

Shining like a star in the cavern of darkened lore…



A day of ultimate achievement will dawn upon,

With the golden rays bestowing on ,

The glorious forehead of the dynamic soul,

To let the universe know

the enormous masterwork and oeuvre …