Invitations from the earth were conveyed to the heaven,

To  grace the occasion of the auspicious ceremonious ritual,

A soul garlanding a noble one, with flowers of devotion beaded in one,

Music heavenly in the atmosphere, with blossoms of nature decking the sphere…



Adoring amorous souls together ,rare view for the heavenly beings of nature,

Showering petals of blessings, the angels and gods also stood  without moving,

Aura golden of the glittering sight dazzling everyone’s eyes ,

A rare unique extraordinary divine view of the glimpse pristine….





My salutation to the gods ,the celestial beings to be in form,

For I could be a part of this spectacular blissful angelic scene,

Holy chants of the hymns echoing reverberating like a dream,

Graciously I am overwhelmed to witness the spiritual reawakening…