Anger never brushes me , for Iam the calm and serene queen,

absorbing the anguish and rage, I make  the atmosphere serene,

very few know me though, hardly a soul realises the glow,

inspite of  such cold response,I still remain the charming love…



Never can I hurt a heart which beats,never can I dream of being selfish,

Iam just a sweet smiling queen who spreads happiness in every lean,

butterflies,birds and angels sing  a song ,along with me in joyous spring,

illuminating hearts of  all who are close or strangers to me…


I am queen of love and warmth,innocent and pure as gentle thought,

unblemished my soul remains,giving space to every name,

whose lives get attached with me through any bond and any fame,

Till my last I try and try to fill the souls with smiles and fly…



Iam queen of the hearts,whose souls dwell in my strong heart,

Glowing their part by burning my self,I elucidate their spirit with my essence,

Hardly a being realises this ,lost in the materialistic beings,

I perform my task with all my might,leaving aside the outcome and plight…


Few hours of silent moments ,

Take you far away,

Gazing in this moonlit night,

At the clouds and the skies,

Searching for my star that shines,

Which seeks life in my soul and mind…


Storms and rains covered ,

The clarity of the above world,

Vanishing from the crowd of sparkles,

The star where art thou on earth!


Shall I ever have your glimpse,

Where should I look for your tint,

In the blue azure sky high ,

Or the lands that runs by…


Where art thou lost in this?

Dwelling in everybody’s dream,

Remember a soul awaits you,

To merge with your presence true…