Momentary moment of  a thought,

Brings  a smile inside my heart,

A sweet pain of rememberance,

An  intense  feeling of reminiscence…


The  realization  of  being in love,

The  uniqueness  of  being special,

The  worthiness  of being someone’s life,

Instills  in the soul an exhilarating sensation….


An affectionate  ardent emotion,

Sentimental  fondness with compassion,

Warmth in the adoration ,

With intense eagerness and passion…

Brings solace and tranquility,

In the silent quietness of soul’s harmonization.




4 thoughts on “FEELINGS OF THE SOUL

  1. love brings:
    peace and restlessness
    happiness and ache
    freedom and desires
    selflessness and selfishness
    completion and efforts

    ….that is why it is so perfect!!!

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