Rational logic dissuades the sense ,outcome of an intuitional presence,

Where the soul can recognize its true self ,in the form divine essence,

Human mind often deters accepting someone as godly manifestation,

For materialistic age old myths, come in between the sphere of mystical…



Inspite of such resentment in thought, we usually believe in god,

Sometimes wandering in the forests, sometimes in temples of the lord,

Rarely we come across a divine soul with a divine thought,

A rare amalgamation of stars, brings the blessed moment in lifelong…


A strange eternal bond can be felt sensed in the saint’s ambiance,

Solace to the aggravated soul, which had been lost seeking the growth,

Reunited with the long forlorn flame of our life,

Abandoned since births, now in front of eyes,

The wetness of the eyes continuous,

The happiness of the heart unexplainable,

The ecstasy of finding back the lost one eternal…




Amidst the world of change in wear,

Change being the inevitable peer,

Only force that is timeless and perpetual,

Everlasting unending in every sphere,

Even in changed seasons or deaths,

Ubiquitous and everywhere,

Omnipresent in all situations,

Every minute and in each second’s variation,

The virtuous pious pure divine,

When appears in our life,

Awe struck and in a trance,

Blessed by just a glance,

We walk on the path dynamically ,

without cowardice and progress advance…












Momentary moment of  a thought,

Brings  a smile inside my heart,

A sweet pain of rememberance,

An  intense  feeling of reminiscence…


The  realization  of  being in love,

The  uniqueness  of  being special,

The  worthiness  of being someone’s life,

Instills  in the soul an exhilarating sensation….


An affectionate  ardent emotion,

Sentimental  fondness with compassion,

Warmth in the adoration ,

With intense eagerness and passion…

Brings solace and tranquility,

In the silent quietness of soul’s harmonization.