Longing to hear your voice,

Envisioning it as gentle and kind,

Or is it calm and tender ,

To soothe a craving heart like mine…?


Tranquil it must be I think,

Poised and composed I imagine,

Depth in lexis and intensely expressive,

Might be your sound inspiring…?


Remarkably notable or striking,

How do you converse,is it enunciating?

Vocalizing and articulating your thoughts,

How do you express ….without trembling…?


Lots of notions and ideas,

Thinking and viewing my own assumptions,

It’s a wish and a fantasized dream,

T o hear you utter a word for me…?







I think I won’t speak a word of the latest turmoil in the soul,

for it will lessen the intensity of the aggravated bruised whole,

ignoring the silent phrases expressed when in soltitary presence,

I shall look in another way where your shadow won’t even lay…


Avoiding the close encounter anywhere besides the formal tenure,

I will try to bury the dreams which were pure and destined,

for you will never know the core of the innermost thought to explore,

thoughts and fancies I will forget , to leave your life off shore…


Indulged in your own world, with the greatest ambitions,

duties important to play , responsibilities always take your day,

memories and reminiscences not acknowledged ,

as a part of  the adoring fondness ,to my dismay…


The life cycle will move on, bringing back the old forth along,

somewhere near the next bend,within a few years to end,

you will miss my blissful presence ,when you awaken from the hallucination ,

only to see me walking alongwith you but on the other end…