Gone astray in the sparkling superficial  world,

Adrift from the nexus of being a great warrior,

Baffled by the overexerting pressures,

 Getting vulnerable to succumb to life’s social  reputation…




Man today getting severely bewildered,

Disorientated  from his actual goal and destination,

Aim less and helpless in certain situations,

Forlorn and  pitiful  is his desperate condition…


Cheerful and enthusiastic he was once,

Contended and delighted on every outcome,

Overjoyed and elated  he found the world,

Ecstatic and euphoric being with his love,

Blissful and in raptures he realized  the vision,

Being   audacious   for his every aspiration…




 “If you are worried about any of these,

Keep aside your fears and sleep,

For Iam there with you on every step,

To make  you succeed in life’s target..

Be assured  that I will hold your hand ,

On any terrain or any deserted land,

I do not wish for any selfish desires,

I yearn only for being your companion …”













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