Seems you have forgotten the sweet muse of yours,

which always played to you an elegant masterpiece,

doesn’t the melody of the song reverberate,

your heart with the echoing trails?


The vibrations of the beats,

the soft musical notes,

were only striked ,

to love you more…


Nostalgic moments of  togetherness dreamt,

which never happened nor ever will,

in the garden of the dreams,

where we wish to spend the day with things unseen…


Was it only words of your wish ,

or you really ever meant the intense feel,

might be I got overflowed,

submerged in the ocean of feelings forlorn…


inspite of  the void gaps in between,

waiting for the warm notes  that I had seen,

my nature can never change my trueself,

even if I stop remembering you any instant…


but times do change as the seasons,

someday conditions will be just reversed,

hope you get the faith to go on then,

for I wont be able  to solace you …. from heaven..


9 thoughts on “MUSE

  1. Portrays so clear of a person changed over time! Yet the Last stanza giving hope remains a masterpiece! Loved reading this as same are my words to some of my good friends around!!
    Your words are powerful! 🙂

  2. faith is not dependent on desires or physical closeness…it is rather derived from a mental state of being in consonance with the emotional thought process of the two hearts….so well written !
    …the one who would forget – would loose his own state of content !

  3. Midnighthues

    Awesome Soumya! Seems one is constant and the other changes… quite natural…constant faith can play a catalyst to bring back the bliss 🙂

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