Silently  the  heart  whispers  into the depths  of  time,

No wonder you aren’t the only lover of the gentle wind,

The  tender  emotive  feelings  stirred will never be answered in this birth,

For the cool breeze of spring comes travelling from different hemispheres,

Along the way it encounters  enchanting charming colourful flowers…

Delightfully it caresses  the ones ,lying in its way of  procession,

Lost and bewildered it  becomes bemused , perplexed by the enthralling views,

Faraway my heart speaks ,don’t wait for the golden breeze,

Close the eyes to the    wind , overlook and pay no heed,

Sparkle  with verve and the zeal, go back to your own world of dreams,

For the wait shall bring nothing along,besides the delay in lingering on,

If you are the flower for the wind,it will stop and bend without saying,

Kiss you with its soothing touch and drop to fill you with  its essence lifelong….




Cold frozen block of ice,

Melts suddenly as warmth ignites,

Solidified form with lattice intact,

Changes its state of being arrogant…



Hard bigger rock of fame,

Can get fissures in its solid grains,

Simple flow of water as stream,

Can break the firm toughened piece…




Cold at heart or stone hearted,

Always soften with time to change,

Marvel of nature or god’s miracle,

Solid state often melts

with warm temperature


 warm passion…