Enigmatic persona, colourful façade,

Tangible figure of human errors,

Dynamic role in profession,

Is the soul  of a noble definition?






Fear within with shaken confidence,

Wants reassurance at every echelon,

Excellence at words, eminence at work,

Still wishes comfort in simple expressions?







Times changing, growing and maturing,

Refuses to accept the heart’s inkling,

Not a moment to have an insight,

Deep within lives a life of an innocent plight.






Scraping the rust coated on the mind,

Exposing the luster to reflect and shine,

Absorbing the darkness of the surroundings,

The soul shall refract the outlook of the life…



6 thoughts on “ENIGMATIC SOUL

  1. I think the soul is what makes a person what he is – which might be in contradiction of the definition of the soul itself….a man would mature and grow – the soul is always young – still has the knowledge to be closer to the divine self…

    1. The lines represent a person and his achievements through his work and qualities,yet even after possessing all these , ahuman being tends to lose out on being weak in confidence and faith,the soul acts as the actual guide to the being if it is allowed to lead in thoughts and in life..

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