Nurture the tender bud of love,

Innocuous and immaculate very pure,

Pristine ,flawless it remains,

Unless tainted by paints of lust…




Relations of blood unessential,

Nor any formal ties to fear,

The virtous unblemished bond of love,

Never requires any reason to rear…





Bringing gleaming joy and delight,

Fills the life with ecstasy and inspirating light,

Without terms or rules of contract,

Contentment is there in this  blissful act…








Enigmatic persona, colourful façade,

Tangible figure of human errors,

Dynamic role in profession,

Is the soul  of a noble definition?






Fear within with shaken confidence,

Wants reassurance at every echelon,

Excellence at words, eminence at work,

Still wishes comfort in simple expressions?







Times changing, growing and maturing,

Refuses to accept the heart’s inkling,

Not a moment to have an insight,

Deep within lives a life of an innocent plight.






Scraping the rust coated on the mind,

Exposing the luster to reflect and shine,

Absorbing the darkness of the surroundings,

The soul shall refract the outlook of the life…




Struggling to articulate the sense and sensibilities,
strangling the emotions and heightened feelings,
bringing a smile on the face,
trying to ignore the existence of another visage…
Fearing to express the real thoughts,
apprehension of misjudging me as temperamental sort,
anxiety of knowing the reality from you,
someday some moment to face the truth…
Natural feeling gives a different sense,
impulsive aggression shouldn’t miss the evidence,
intuition of mine strongly contends,
stating to prove my presence and existence…