An all embracing cloud ,

Moving unfettered without  any bounds,

Generously showering droplets,

Wherever it moves around…





Incandescent  coloured  warmth profound,

Cuddling each and every object on ground,

All and sundry yearning for its closeness,

The most fortunate will only get the success,

Propitious and blessed is the soul,

Which  gets welcomed  in its encirclement as whole…





Craving to hear words from you,
My heart writes out words anew,
submerged in the exotic ocean,
of pure selfless emotional blue…
Reflection of my soul ,
I can see that in yours,
Thoughts emerging within yours,
 travel to hit my heart to  endure…
Language of a contended soul,
Is what I want to speak,
A glimpse of your presence,
makes me feel as Iam complete…




Silently the heart beats speaking affectionately,

intense looks with gleamed gems,

dreaming ,fantasizing endless moments…




intoxicating freshness in the air,

flowing from mountains and valleys rare,

touched you ,brushed your way,

to reach me before I inhale…




sun and moon we see to gether,

even if we are miles away from each other,

love and despair shades of one ,

as the heart beats there….

and i get numb….




Can you read the depth of my feelings somehow,

As I write these words ,by eyes closed for now,

felt from the soul only for you,

words of  passion are missing you….








The fresh sprinkles of rainy season has brought new joys..One of them being nominated for the OUTSTANDING BLOGGER AWARD by the seventhvoice . http://seventhvoice.wordpress.com

blog,whose blog has beautiful heart rendering experiences in form of poems,articles, and discussions. You can find anything here that affect us in our lives from the difficult situations of dealing through Autism or the touching experiences while achieving the simple goals of life…

I once again thank seventh voice for honouring me with such an award.

I would further like to nominate a few bloggers for the same award and would like to point out their qualities for being outstanding…

http://justspokenthoughts.wordpress.com  : Prashant has a knack of presenting a simplest of story in the most complex form and also the gift of knitting a poignant truth into the simplest form…

http://awakeningpsyche.wordpress.com Pawan can bring before you the exact reflection or replica of lives of anybody and everybody from palatial buildings to broken slums.A perfect image of the truth of today.

http://onlinefunland.wordpress.com  for its initiative to reblog every intersting blog posts and through which we all  came across many brilliant bloggers .

http://midnighthues.wordpress.com Aparna can present the simplest of things of life in a vry subtle and beautiful manner through her poetry. Her blog reflects her subject completely.

Hope all of you will enjoy going through this blogs .

Best wishes to all of you and happy blogging,