All my posts are instantly written and published without editing.Please bear the mistakes till the time Iam travelling. 



Childhood times echoing in a place called home,

giggling ,playing ,running the paths of  growth,

tinkling sound of pennies or crumpled pounds to save,

innocent undiluted love overflowing in every game …


pure bonds with blind belief,

hearts selflessly  wrapped ,

in the love like velvet…


 The earth rotates on its axis,

still changing the sides to be seen,

revolution around the sun is continous,

 fullmoon sometimes bring eclipse alongwith…


raw soft minds never come back,

only if they are kept as intact,

foolishness or cleverly ,

the world moves,

leaving everything else behind in the groove…


A heaven like place wherever it was,

resonates the silence of a broken heart,

days,nights,months and years,

the future now shows a bleak ray

 of hope to nurture…