Hi! everyone! sorry ,haven’t got access to post ,some problem in network and settings…Still as I enjoy the monsoon,I would like to share the joy of the rains with you all!


The air I breathe ,the wind I feel,

Soothing senses in my dreams,

drops of rain showering on me,

wet my mind and drive me insane…

Green fields, trees swaying,

grey clouds moving and hovering,

lightening shines like a mirrored reflection,

shivering my heart beat to miss your temptation…

Drizzles,showers, rains for long,

breathing the sweet smell of the air,

flowing tresses,overflowing emotions…

speechless I become,

amidst this sensational rhythm…



caressing my soul with their impulsive vibrations…


31 thoughts on “AMIDST THE RAINS

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  1. I had the moment with rain, drenched until evening. Such a pleasure to be with the monsoon flavour. Your words remind me of the day. Beautiful.

      1. omg, i hope we don’t have to wait till then
        it’s only July now
        i forget every year when it starts here…

  2. Hi Soumya …so nice to read this beautiful tribute to the God of Rain! yes today we got a fairly decent first shower of the season! 🙂
    Thanks & regards.

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