Hi! everyone! sorry ,haven’t got access to post ,some problem in network and settings…Still as I enjoy the monsoon,I would like to share the joy of the rains with you all!


The air I breathe ,the wind I feel,

Soothing senses in my dreams,

drops of rain showering on me,

wet my mind and drive me insane…

Green fields, trees swaying,

grey clouds moving and hovering,

lightening shines like a mirrored reflection,

shivering my heart beat to miss your temptation…

Drizzles,showers, rains for long,

breathing the sweet smell of the air,

flowing tresses,overflowing emotions…

speechless I become,

amidst this sensational rhythm…



caressing my soul with their impulsive vibrations…

31 thoughts on “AMIDST THE RAINS

  1. I had the moment with rain, drenched until evening. Such a pleasure to be with the monsoon flavour. Your words remind me of the day. Beautiful.

  2. Hi Soumya …so nice to read this beautiful tribute to the God of Rain! yes today we got a fairly decent first shower of the season! 🙂
    Thanks & regards.

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