Baring my soul, I now feel lighter ,

sharing with you my deepest emotions ,

A sense of guilt but creeps in ,

when I think of my stupid idiosyncrasy…


Do I still hold a place in your life,

even after confessing the numerous chimes,

Disturbing you wasn’t my intention,

nor I wanted any place in your heart’s chamber.


My feelings got overflowed with the running time,

before I could stop them,they flooded in no time,

Maybe ,I will now come out of  the whirlpool,

As now I have bared my  thoughts before you…


It isn’t love nor is it any addiction,

just a combination of  closeness and admiration ,

Void in my heart I can never show,

which you had filled with your glow…


Walking through the storms has been my life,

craving for a hand in distressed times,

surrounded by every form of responsibility,

I have always carried perfectly  my duty…

God  alone knows what I’m ,

what  keeps me going always strong…

He  too can’t question  my  solidarity,

my soul is a place of  emotional sanctity…