Away from the noise of the universe,
Lets go to the other end of the world,
beyond the golden horizon,
where thoughts transcend and become feelings,
deeper than the deepest ocean of living.
Away from the melancholy of the heart,
where the garden of our life becomes blossomed with flowers,
creating music with the chords of our love,
singing the tunes will be  the humble sweet birds…
Away from the life so meaningless,
away from the riches and money minded leeches,
to create  a world of our own,
where tranquility and harmonic  thoughts flow,
love and humanity are the gems known,
where a new era of passion and ardor  embarks…

31 thoughts on “A NEW ERA

  1. Pawan Hira

    Yes, away from this world of falsity. However, this life itself can bring different dimensions to live in the moment, breathing love. That love of universe, where souls dwell to share peace.

    Though current stream flows in opposite direction, bitter truth.

    1. Very true Pawan! I wrote thi sout of a feeling where I felt of a world where I should be with my love,away from noise,hatred and petty thoughts and breathe love …which can be a world of love, emotions,silence… very much within this world..

  2. Perhaps, I would not want to go away…’cas it is for these “not right” things in front of us we starve for the honesty and sincerity in our efforts, relationships and life…this place of eternal bliss and embraces of unspoken desires is in the mirage we have to chase to evolve – and it is not on the horizon…but inside our hearts…

  3. hey hieee…
    just now a similar thoughts with different words has run through my heart. just posted on my wall..
    happy that our thoughts match so much..really may there be a place where we can live beyond the world….

    1. Often we are tied by relations,bonds..here it is the thread of creativity..seems we all think alike ..and also at the same time..thts y our frequency mathches..and we like reading each other’s posts.. 🙂

  4. I translate this beautiful piece into arabic I hope you’re not upset for not asking your permission first ,I wanted to make you smile 🙂 if you mind i will delete it .

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