Such a wonderful surprise from Autumn today,as I get nominated for the A LOVELY BLOG AWARD from her. She indeed has always been a source of  inspiration and also has encouraged me even when I was very new to this blogger world. Thanks Autumn for evrything . AS for the award I need to mention few points about myself and also nominate it for the blogs whom I love the  most.

About me:

  • Iam a very simple person who loves to write from the heart.
  • I love listening to music and also love to sing.
  • I have been very good in sports during my school and college days and till today I sometimes play badminton and cricket with my son and husband.
  • Inspite of not being an engineer ,I have worked for my dad in all projects in field of engineering.
  • I am very good in designing and drawing industrial coal and LPG based furnaces.
  • I love nature and always find a calming effect in it in my days of stress.
  • Iam a very cheerful  and enthusiastic person in nature.

The blogs which I would like to nominate are :

There are several other blogs which are closer to my heart too ! More awards coming for them soon! 🙂

I wish best of luck to all of them.



25 thoughts on “*****ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD****

  1. Congrats and thank you! Nice to know you… your poems are very inspiring. Keep writing dear.
    I am taking a break from blogging 🙂 traveling 🙂

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