From the depths of eternity,

to the world of mortality,

moments shared together,

create a niche for the world.


Unnamed bonds, passionate thoughts,

knowing the heart , without a word uttered,

two mortals on this earth,

away from each other since the birth.


Never crossed the roads together,

share the moments of bliss together,

unseen,unknown strings of love,

silken ,coated with heavenly love,

few seconds of  co- incidence,

brings the two lives together…


Pure , selfless feelings conjured,

radiance of  care emitted for ever,

different bodies ,soul one,

will the blessed  moment repeat in future?

10 thoughts on “ETERNAL LOVE

  1. All your words read so pure that I have no words to appreciate this time. This innocence, use of simple words yet speaking the whole of the heart out draws me to all your posts!

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