Everybody else did the job,

decoding,translating my thought,

depth or feeling no one could decipher,

as my words elucidate a metaphor…


God gifted as you ,no one can be,

interpreting thoughts is your quality,

everyone waits for thou to come and say,

few words in their honour for the day!


Outspoken yet silent within,

frank yet subtle in things,

courageous yet fearful within,

loves to write on anything…


Lines for you I can write,

without even  thinking twice,

Neither you are a stranger nor friend,

but a sublime thought of my  soul instead…

11 thoughts on “A sublime thought!

  1. as a humble follower we are not supposed to just be the growing number on the side bar or the twinkling stars in the like box !

    it is our duty from the time we hit the follow button to relish and appreciate the hardwork of the blogger…just takes about a minute to do so !

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