Stealing glances, electrifying touch,

hidden smiles,smitten love,

love at sixteen spreads ,

fragrance in the atmosphere…

Giggling laugh,loving chocolates,

licking the icecream is the loveliest  day,

books and bags foes at a stance,

compulsion leaves no another chance…

Lazing nights,sweeter dreams,

onset of spring blooms within,

colourful attires ,delicate tresses,

attractive innocence

of all the ages…

Mom and dad pestering around,

let me live this day profound..

flying high like a bird in the sky,

touching the stars ,

is the  dream in my eyes..

Let me have  flight of my own,

I know ur arms will hold if I fall,

but let me learn the way to grow,

to use my wings and soar above…

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