When the nature  strikes the midnight gong,

I wonder where you are for so long,

it has been more than 48 hours,

since I heard your name…

Lost in the worldly charms,

you forgot someone,

 craving for your arms,

missing your voice in my ears,

It seems like,

you’re gone since years…


Sleep is now a stranger to me,

eyes blink when you’re in my dream,

thoughts flooded with your words,

hypnotizing me with their wands…

Magical spell you have cast,

far off from a distant past,

effects of which will never fade,

till the time I breathe my last…

14 thoughts on “AWAY FOR LONG

  1. oye ! Gud one yaar !
    Just adding….with your permission !

    as you wait for that someone
    with the God’s waiting with you
    it takes to understand what love is
    when the God’s speak about you

  2. I loved the way you capture the moment of distance in words! Though 2 days is not a length of an era but this composition highlight the fact how a moment of distance makes a person in love to scream and call back the lover!
    Good piece of art and your words do speak a volume!:)

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