Sometimes you never look at me,

kills my heart and rips within,

for attention is not what I seek

A glance from you is invigorating….

Being around  present near,

never is the solution,

A glance from you is what I seek,

as that makes my soul reviving….

Words formal ,talks casual,

there are enough to pass the hours,

few words of consideration,

some expression of thoughfulness,

ardor of being together ,

A glance from you is what I desire…

23 thoughts on “A GLANCE

  1. this one was a bit different … it spoke of the humble submission you have made with the embrace of love. You spoke of not wanting to hold on, but simply to be known as someone who loves somebody !

  2. really lovely piece, emotional, pointing to the universal desire of everyone just to be acknowledged by a glance, great work soumyav! 🙂

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