My love! You are so far away,
In distant lands …
scorching heat, sweltering days,
and here I gaze at
 the enchanting moon reflecting the  
charming rays…
I ask the cheerful spring,
when shall thou  comeback …
Drought in the dry eyes after the flood,
volcanoes  in the heart,giving outbursts,
Vision gets blurred for the mirage before,
even in a night  when the seek is so more…
Hail ho! Dear wind!
when you pervade through my love’s land,
sing him the song of my heart,
with musical  tunes with your harp,
make him feel my presence,
Till he comes back to his soul’s quintessence…

25 thoughts on “SONG OF LOVE!

  1. Pawan Hira

    It comes from heart and your beloved would surely receive the affection and devotion of your eternal words. The wind is set for perfect communion between two lovers.

  2. this poem had more of the happiness of finding your love and cherishing the feel…rather than cribbing of the fact that you may never get to hold his hands !
    Wonderful !

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