5000th view!

The moment I write this post,my blog just crossed the views of 5000…and the likes of  1337 loved readers…                                

I feel blessed enough that at least 5000 readers have found me interesting and inspiring in the last few months…

Somewhere my poems have touched them or given them a ray of hope .For some they might have got entertained by the posts,for whatever reason ,  I feel grateful to all the readers and my followers who have encouraged me by their presence… 5000th mark is just a milestone,many more are there in life to cross and achieve more…

Still I wished to share this joy with you all,who have become a part of my extended family in such a short time…

Love,sorrows,friendship,happiness,separation,spriritualism,feelings,entertainment,fictions,words from heart and pictures of all  seasons…I have witnessed every mood and emotion by going through all of your posts… A rare experience in such  a short span  the widest range  from every corner of the world…

This world of blogs have given me a reason to aim more…

Best wishes,Happy blogging,




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    1. There is a stats page on your blog ..you can see and check your daily,weekly and monthly views there…also.for the likes I got a message in notifications from WordPress about the likes…

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