My heartiest gratitude to Wendell of who has filled my world of blog with surprises and happiness. This is 2nd award nomination from him for me. I have no words to describe his work,about the pure thoughts which he intricately weaves in words…

For me this award is a way to thank a person  for writing some wonderful works which have in some way influenced ,inspired or touched me…

I would like to name few of those wonderful persons whose writings have touched my feelings in some way or  the other…


The list goes on and on, coz every blogger whom I follow has an influence on me…wishing luck for all!




  1. Congratulations Soumya for having garnered this award. It is always nice isn’t it – to be recognised by fellow bloggers.

    Thank you also for nominating me.

    All good wishes and keep on blogging, Eric 🙂

  2. Congratulations Soumya and thank you so much for honoring my blog by nominating it for this award. You are one of the people who make blogging such a joy. Sending you a thousand well deserved thank you hugs for all of the wonderful posts you’ve shared = )

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