This is a post in continuation to a story written on    A Heartbreak Called Blogging blog… An sincere effort to give the characters a thought about their doings…





” Did I hurt you so much”?

was that

from the bottom of your heart ,

or a question to be formally asked?

“Life is not a bed of roses,

love is neither only happiness in doses”,

I remember what you said,

but you forgot,

there’s something above life and love,

concern for the loved one…

Is anybody more considerate or caring,

as you had been in my life,

will I be in safe hands,

or remain in peace ,

If you quit….

Impulsive sacrifices,

are rather harmful…

than the vices,

for the one who trusted you ,

who entrusted her soul to you,

gets ditched and shattered…

for being so,

forever suffering a hard blow…

ages together will not fade ,

the pain that she felt

in going thru this lane,

If ever her destiny is strong,

and is able to pull her along,

she will then sustain the fight,

against the odd and for the right….

and if this doesn’t happen,

the guilt of deserting a friend will happen,

shadowing your life with more darkness,

give you more pain than the amputated roughness

10 thoughts on “CONSCIENCE REPLIES

  1. the reason why we “men” are imperfect is because we need someone perfect as a “woman” to define our lives, subtle the testing phases, hold us before we fall apart and be there when everything else quits on us.

    Being with a perfect person is not easy. It needs a constant preparation of mind to connect, appreciate, honor, acknowledge and realize that it is here where your meaning of life exists.

    One thing which takes over all this – is the insecurity of being able to hurt this person. Believe me – it is.

    Still…no reasons and excuses good enough to quit.

    1. I can understand you point of view and don’t dent that insecurity of hurting is much …But I just tried to make everybody view from another point…just another perception…no challenges and so no winning or quitting… experiences make us learn everything… this was just what I felt… and your post was good that touching enough to inspire to write in form of a poem..

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