Through the tunnels of time and space,

when the mind travels without any haze,

searching someone on the unprecedented trail,

In a world of an astral plane…

The journey is terrifying,excruciating,

nauseating like a roller coaster ride,

blackening out the vision  and thoughts,

erasing the memories of a wondrous soul..

suddenly there’s light around,

illuminating the space so profound,


beings moving,

nothing so serene

and so astonishing…

lakes,rivers,nature blessed,

this world seemed to be the best,

no sinful thought, nor any guilt,

the place is like a heaven built…

Before I could search for the being,

an inner voice thrusted on,

This is an ideal place for the soul,

who deserves this heaven  than the earth…

Do not force or pull along,

to bring it back to the deathly ground,

where every moment a soul dies,

before getting on the funeral pyre..

where humility and peace are just few words,

the living race is beyond such terms,

survival and livelihood ,

are strugglers in the living world…

10 thoughts on “BRINGING A SOUL BACK

  1. I Like this…Very few times did I see the use of soft words like Soul and Astral this strongly before. And I liked the use of Roller Coster Ride…!!
    A poetry yet a lyrical composition!! Keep up!!

  2. Loved the way you described how the origins of the conscience and consciousness of a person are the resultant of the continuous effort in being tested under rigid circumstances which, if interpreted in the right sense, provide a soothing and affectionate picture of life itself.

    1. Right prashant! acknowledging his presence and his wish is the greatest ! and in due course we come to know that it was the best…just tried to paint a lighter picture..

  3. “survival and livelihood, are strugglers in the living world…”

    Divine flow in your words, and ends with the truth.

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