Wolves in hideous skin,

Roam freely on every street,

in towns ,villages or cities,

wilder than the jungle beasts…

Lurking in the dark,

luring in the bright,

innocent ones are prey,

To this earthly swines…

Swindling the humans

of their dignity,

shredding into pieces

their form of integrity…

Lupines in different form

escape all kinds of  law…

Justice delivered or abandoned,

is secondary in terms of  haw….

Alertness in mind,

fearless at heart,

Common intelligence to distinguish the part,

Presume self to be a virtous human,

Counteract and cripple…

the wild ,

Crushing their instincts in time…

2 thoughts on “WOLVES

  1. as I bear the chilling wind
    of these conceited beings
    the warmth of my fur protects
    as the spine feints

    the wolves preying on our emotions are much more dangerous than those who simply tear us apart.

    your words just remind us of how to be cautious yet confident about people around.

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