A  blush unseen,

slowly emerging  on my cheeks,

spreads  to one end of my lips,

when I try to hide, an adnate  feeling ,

a  sweet smile…

Pondering on the fortuitism,

Turning and glowing  pink and red,

when I  read thy name,

amongst the hundreds,

who viewed and fled….

A macaronic  sweet pain in my heart,

teases me ,when I fall apart,

reminding me of the good old  times,

When  I got  impressed by the resonance

of  your chimes…


8 thoughts on “BLUSH

  1. the truest of feeling could be defined with the simplest of words – yet they remain complicated to understand !

    well written n innocently expressed !

    1. Ya! often simple words complicate and confuse …to understand their depth … but feelings can be felt within the complications too,if truely expressed …. 🙂
      yet I tried to keep it simple ..

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