Where thoughts are pure,

feelings conjure,

where soul is glowing,

with an aura radiating…

Where the flowers shimmer,

fragrance demeanour,

Immaculate volitions,

sparkle the atmosphere…

Days and night,sun or moon,

every being is a child dear,

where a drop of hatred never is  born …

love reigning the empire for years…

A paradise on earth ,

is truly there,

where our heart rules our mind,

and lives without any fear…

In our imaginations with deep insight,

a world of paradise exists,

in every soul

of this universal sight…


15 thoughts on “A PARADISE

  1. the “paradise” so illuminatingly signifies the perfect world hidden deep within our core itself. The endless chase of things which could bring happiness may not precisely be at the right place when you want peace. The things most imp are the ones which would hold onto their significance even when you would have everything else.

    Pure emotions sounding like a prayer good enough to be true !

      1. ive been very busy and will be for sometime i have turned a poem into a proper song which a lady musician has composed the music for now i have to teach myself to sing ready to pully off a suprise in just under 5 weeks at my wedding nerves are bad very bad

        1. Congrats for everything! and that s really great!…wish the best for your song and your new life…hope we too get to see the recording of it later on! 🙂

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